Licensing your LearnPads

Licensing your LearnPads

As part of your LearnPad delivery, inside one of the boxes we included an envelope labelled LICENSE AGREEMENT like the example below.

This contains a letter, headed like the example below, containing your LearnPad license codes, which need to be redeemed and applied in the ClassConnect Portal.

i. Licensing your LearnPads

To license your LearnPads, you need to:
  • Redeem your licenses
  • Apply your licenses

a. Redeem your licenses

To redeem your licenses:

Log into the ClassConnect Portal (

For each voucher code you have received:
In the Vouchers box in the top-right of the page, in the Enter Voucher Code field, enter the voucher.

Click the Redeem button. Confirmation that the voucher has redeemed will be displayed.

b. Apply your device licenses

Once you have redeemed your license codes, you need to apply your device licenses to your LearnPads. To redeem device licenses:
From the left-hand menu, beneath the CONTENT heading, click Licenses.

The number of device licenses that you have available is shown in the first table, at the top of the page. The table beneath shows the licensing status of your LearnPads.

To license any LearnPads that show as Unlicensed:
Click the Perpetual link in the Assign License column.

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