Adding apps not available in ClassConnect

Adding apps not available in ClassConnect

If you would like to use an app on your LearnPads that is not available when you search the Resources area of ClassConnect, you can add it yourself by following these steps.

Making the necessary tools available in your school

The easiest way to do this is to first add the following Resources to your Teacher Tools Category:
  • Google Play Store
  • Resource Creator
Please see this related support article for guidance on editing your Tools:

Installing the app on a single LearnPad

First, you'll need to install the app you want via the Play Store on a single device.

Unlock the LearnPad into Teacher mode by tapping the padlock at the top of the screen and entering your organisation's teacher password (the default is 101Teacher, but this may have been changed by your administrator).

Tap the three dots at the top right of the screen, then tap Teacher to access the teacher tools Category.

Open the Google Play Store.

You will need to sign in with a Google account. Many schools choose to create a shared account for their organisation. You do not need to add payment information unless it is required; this step may be skipped.

Once you have signed in, search for the app you wish to install and follow the installation process.

Now the app is installed on this single LearnPad.

Distributing the app using Resource Creator

Resource Creator is a tool that allows you to upload the application file and create a Resource in ClassConnect just like any other, so that the app can be added to a Category and Lesson. This makes it easy to install the app on multiple devices.

You must have permission from the rights holder of the application before proceeding.

Using the same LearnPad as before, open Resource Creator by accessing your Teacher tools.

Ensure you read and accept the terms and conditions of use.

Tap SET PORTAL CREDENTIALS at the top right of the screen.

Log in using the same details as you use to access ClassConnect. Once you have logged in, your username and organisation will appear at the top right of the screen.

Now find the app you wish to upload from the list and tap it.

Tap the 'Create' button near the bottom of the screen to begin the process. Wait until any progress bars have completed, and the 'Close' button is available.

The app will now appear in ClassConnect as a Resource that has been added by your organisation. You can add it to a Category inside a Lesson to access it on your LearnPads.

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