Adding your LearnPads to Places

Adding your LearnPads to Places

When setting up your LearnPads, you should add them into Places. Places make it easier to manage your LearnPads from the Dashboard in the ClassConnect Portal.

Places usually refer to physical locations such as charging units, classrooms or year groups but could also refer to teachers.

If you have two group sets of LearnPads that you share throughout your school, you might add them to Places called Set 1 and Set 2. Alternatively, you might create Places named after each teacher and affix Place QrKeys to the doors of their classrooms and ask pupils to scan the QrKey when they come into the room. If you have a group set of LearnPads for each classroom, you might add them to Places called Ash Class or Cedar class. Give some thought to the best way to use Places for your setting.

i. Setting up Places

a. Create Places

To create Places:

1. Log into the ClassConnect Portal (

2. From the LearnPad Shortcuts, click Manage my Places.

3. From the Actions box in the top-right of the page, click Add New Place.

4. In the Name field, enter a name for your Place.

5. Click the Add Place button.

6. Keep adding Places until you have finished – then click the Close button.

b. Print QrKeys for Places

To print QrKeys for Places:

1. On the ClassConnect Portal Home page, from the LearnPad Shortcuts, click Create QrKeys.

2. Click on Places.

3. From the Actions box in the top-right of the page, click Activate Print Mode.

4. To make the QrKeys bigger or smaller respectively, from the box in the top-right of the page, click Bigger or Smaller.

5. To print your QrKeys, from the box in the top-right of the page, click Print Now.

6. When you have finished, click Deactivate Print Mode.

ii. Adding your LearnPads to Places

You can add your LearnPads to Places manually, or by scanning a QrKey.

a. Change Place manually

To add your LearnPads to Places manually:
1. From the LearnPad toolbar, tap the Extended Menu (three-dot button).

2. Tap Places.

3. Tap the Place.

b. Change Place using a QrKey

To change Place using a QrKey:

1. From the LearnPad toolbar, tap the QR scanner button: 

2. Point the LearnPad’s camera at the QrKey. You’ll hear a beep.

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