LearnPad Tablets for Schools: ClassConnect Portal Changing LearnPad Passwords

Changing LearnPad Passwords

Setting LearnPad Passwords

By default, LearnPad can be unlocked using either one of two passwords which can be found on the Unlocking LearnPad page. Using the Passwords page, it is possible for Organisation Administrators to specify new passwords to unlock their LearnPads.

To Add a new Unlock Password

Press the Add New Device Password link in the Action bar on the right. This will open the Add Device Password dialog.

Enter a descriptive name for the password in the Name field.
  1. Enter the new password into the Password field.
  2. Select the Password Type, which can be either Teacher or Admin.
  3. Finally click on the Add Password button.
  4. Once the devices in the organisation have updated themselves, the new password can be used to unlock them by following the procedure on the Unlocking LearnPad page.

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