LearnPad Tablets for Schools: Device Usage Connecting USB devices

Connecting USB devices

April 14, 2014

LearnPad has a USB port that supports many standard peripherals. The port is a micro-USB type and is located on the device bezel.

The port can be used to charge the device on some models of LearnPad, or to power other devices (known as OTG mode).

Full Size USB Adapter

LearnPad comes with an adaptor cable for connecting full-size USB devices such as memory sticks.


USB Memory Sticks

When a USB memory stick is connected, you can browse the contents using the Toolbox. You can also copy documents back and forth using a File Copy QrKey where either the source or the destination use the token <usb>

USB Keyboard

LearnPad is compatible with most USB keyboards. When the keyboard is attached, the on-screen keyboard will disappear. Compatibility with special key combinations may vary from application to application.

USB Mouse

LearnPad is compatible with most USB mice. When the mouse is plugged in, a pointer will appear on the screen.


Multiple USB devices attached to LearnPad using a mulit-way hub. Not all hubs are compatible, so check before purchasing.

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