Creating QrKeys to connect your LearnPads to the network

Creating QrKeys to connect your LearnPads to the network

Connecting your LearnPads to your school’s network is quick and easy. Rather than manually entering the details of your school’s network on each LearnPad, you simply create QrKeys which you scan on each of your LearnPads.
Before proceeding, please note that to protect your school’s security, the information that you enter on the QrKeys paged is not stored on the LearnPad servers and you will need to re-enter it to generate your QrKeys again. When you come to printing your QrKeys, you might choose to print multiple copies to keep on file.

i. Creating your QrKeys

To create your QrKeys:

1. Log into the ClassConnect Portal (

2. From the LearnPad Shortcuts, click Create QrKeys.

3. Click on WiFi section.

4. Complete the required fields:
  • Network Type (WAP/WPA2, WEP or EAP)
  • SSID (the name of your school’s Wi-Fi network, exactly as it is broadcast)
  • Password (the password/key of your school’s Wi-Fi network)
Show password in plain text: If you do not want the password to be displayed when printed, tick this box.
This is a hidden network: If the network is hidden, tick this box.

5. If your school uses a proxy server that is not transparent, leaving the WiFi section expanded, click on Proxies (otherwise, skip to step 7)

6. Complete the required fields:
  • Proxy Host (the host address of your school’s proxy server)
  • Proxy Port (the port number of your school’s proxy server)
You may also need to complete these fields:
  • Username (if necessary, the username for your school’s proxy server)
  • Password (if necessary, the password for your school’s proxy server)
  • Exclusions (any addresses that should not be accessed via your school’s proxy server; see Frequently Asked Question A)

7. Leaving the WiFi and Proxies sections expanded, click on Enrollment.

8. From the Actions box in the top-right of the page, click Activate Print Mode.

9. To make the QrKeys bigger or smaller respectively, from the box in the top-right of the page, click Bigger or Smaller.
10. To print your QrKeys, from the box in the top-right of the page, click Print Now.
11. When you have finished, click Deactivate Print Mode.

ii. Frequently Asked Questions

a. How should I enter proxy exclusions?

Proxy exclusions should be separated by commas. For example:
Wildcards in Android exceptions are handled differently to other platforms and there is no need to use the asterisk as a wildcard character. For example, an exception for yourschool.sch matches yourschool.sch as well as any subdomains (e.g. mail.yourschool.sch).

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