LearnPad Tablets for Schools: ClassConnect Portal Dashboard Table View

Dashboard Table View

July 10, 2014
The Dashboard Table View supersedes the “Devices” management page; it provides an overview of the state of your devices at the last check-in.
Please note, the table does not update in real-time, the “Last Access” column will indicate how recently the device checked in, the more recently a device has checked in the more accurate the information in the table will be.

The Table View is accessed from the dashboard by clicking the “Table View” link.

You can perform the same actions when using the Table View as you can from the standard dashboard page (Simple View) – The Table View also provides some additional information.

Tablet Icon: This is displayed in the left hand column and will display the background image of the Lesson that was loaded when the LearnPad last checked in. If you have a ClassView license you can also toggle video streaming, each tablet icon will then display a live view of the screen of each student’s device.
Clicking on the tablet icon allows you to select a particular set of LearnPads

Device Name: This column displays the randomly generated name that is assigned to each device when they are first deployed. You can click on the device name to view the full list of device properties.

Lesson: This column displays the name of the Lesson currently loaded on the LearnPad. You can click on the Lesson name to view the Lesson management page, where you can modify the lesson.

User: This column displays the name of the user currently logged in to the device – for more information see: Connecting to Student Accounts.

Place: Displays the name of the Place that the LearnPad is currently joined to. You can click the Place name to modify the settings for that Place – for more information see: Managing Places.

Group: Displays the name of the group the LearnPad is a member of.

Charge: Indicates the current charge level of the LearnPad. If the LearnPad is currently charging, this will be indicated by the charge symbol.

Lock: If the lock symbol is displayed this indicates the LearnPad is locked.

Version: Displays the current version of the LearnPad client that is installed on each LearnPad. You can check for newer versions and update the LearnPad version from the “Advanced” menu on the right hand side of the screen.

Pending: This column will list any version updates or Lessons that have been sent to the LearnPad but have not yet finished installing.

Last Access: This displays the last time the LearnPad checked into the server. The more recently the last access, the more accurate the information displayed in the table will be.
For example, the device in the list called “Nice Tiger” shows “Version 298” in the Pending column, but, the last access was a day ago. This version may have finished installing during this time, but the device has not since checked into the server. In order to make the list as up-to-date as possible, you can use the check for updates button on the dashboard or the LearnPad itself.

Status: This column has icons which indicate:

Device operating system
This device is not licensed – for more information see: Licensing Devices

This device is available for remote control

This device is available for in-class control

This device’s screen can be viewed remotely (ClassView license required)

This device’s file system can be accessed remotely (ClassView license required)
To switch back to the standard dashboard view click the “Simple View” link.

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