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Education City AutoLogin

Connecting to the online content for Education City is best done using their AutoLogin system, which avoids the need to distribute usernames and passwords througout the school.

  1. You will need your AutoLogin web link. To get this, follow the online instructions here: http://www.educationcity.com/uk/teachers/help-and-training/setting-autologin
  2. The AutoLogin gives you a script file, which you run to create a web shortcut on your PC. Right-click on that shortcut, select Properties and find the web address. It will be a long URL that looks something like this: http://www.educationcity.com/autologin.php?t=IYY0ODF8d2E1N3wwN2ZaNjAxM2NhOWZlYQ==
  3. Create a new web resource in the LearnPad management system using the AutoLogin as the Website Url.
  4. to the list of Whitelist URLs, which allows access to all resources from their website.
  5. Add this new resource to a category and it will download automatically to your LearnPads.

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