Factory Reset Learnpad Model LPQ497W5V

Factory Reset Learnpad Model LPQ-497W5V

Turn the device off. Wait 5 Seconds.
Press and hold the power and home simultaneously. Hold them both for about 8 seconds then release the power button
and Continue to hold the home button it will turn on and you see the learnpad logo continue holding home button.
Once the android image and "No Command" appears on the screen, release the home button.

Now Press and hold Power and tap home. The Android system recovery menu screen displays (if it doesn't, just press the combination again).

Tap home to scroll down to wipe data/factory reset. (if you go past this there is no way back and you will have to start the whole process again)
Press the Power button.

Use home Down to scroll to Yes. Press the Power button.
Once the process completes, you will return to the Android system recovery screen.
Press Power to reboot the device.

After the device reboots, scan in the WiFi and proxy (if you use one) QR codes to get the Learnpad back on your network.
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