Inviting your colleagues to the ClassConnect Portal

Inviting your colleagues to the ClassConnect Portal

Each teacher and teaching assistant that will use your school’s LearnPads should have their own user account for the ClassConnect Portal. You should create these as part of your setup process.

i. Inviting Users

To invite your colleagues:

Log into the ClassConnect Portal ( 

From the left-hand menu, beneath the ADMIN heading, click Users.

Follow the next two steps for each colleague that will need to access the ClassConnect Portal.

From the Actions box in the top-right of the page, click Invite User.

Complete the required fields and click the Send Invite button:
  • Email Address
  • Role – the level of access that your colleague should receive (see note below)
Important note: We recommend that you assign access levels as follows:
  • Viewer – Teaching assistants and Governors (if your school’s governors need access).
  • Editor – Teachers.
  • Admin – Computing/ICT Co-ordinators and Technicians.
  • Owner – Headteacher and the school office e-mail address.

ii. Frequently Asked Questions

a. I sent an invite to my colleague, who hasn’t received it.

Please ask your colleague to check their Spam or Junk folder.
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