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February 25, 2016

The following new features and enhancements are present in LearnPad

  • WebKit browser for Flash content – 5th generation LearnPad devices include a browser that provides support for content developed with Adobe Flash. In order to open website Resources in this browser, just tag the website Resources as Flash.
  • Screen-time reporting – Screen activity is logged, allowing schools to better understand periods of peak usage and preferred Android applications.
  • Device timezone configuration – The time zone for LearnPads within an Organisation can now be configured from within the ClassConnect Portal rather than on a per-device basis.
  • Screens turn off when charging – When a tablet is powered on and placed on charge, the screen will automatically turn off. This improves ClassCharge wireless charging performance, ensuring that tablets are always charged and ready for action.
  • Improved File Browser text contrast – In the File Browser, improvements to text contrast make it easier to read file names.
  • Improved handing-in EPUB files to ClassCloud – An error that occurred when handing in EPUB documents has been resolved.
  • Improved QrKey Scanner performance – An error that intermittently occurred and required that a QrKey be scanned twice has been resolved.
  • Improved DFS support – Support for opening from and saving to DFS locations has been improved.
  • App installation channels – An alpha channel has been added, allowing software to be tested without disruption in the classroom.
  • Over-the-Air firmware patching – LearnPad can now deploy firmware updates over-the-air.

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