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February 20, 2015

LearnPad annotate is a useful tool for activity work, assessment and recording. This app allows students to display their knowledge or understanding by adding comments or labels to images they take with the camera, retrieve from the internet or receive from their teacher. Annotate is a powerful teaching tool but is simple and intuitive to use.


Simply draw on the screen using a stylus or with your finger.
The side bar displays your currently selected tool, colour and size of line for the selected tool.

Tap the side bar to open the tools view, tap it again to close the tools view. Whilst the tools view is open tap any tool, colour or line size to select it.


Draw freehand – A good all round tool that can be used where another tool isn’t quite the right choice.

Highlighter – Perfect for marking out passages of text or parts of an illustration.

Arrow – Tap and drag across the screen to create an arrow, great for labelling parts of a picture or image.

Straight line – Tap and drag across the screen to create straight lines.

Circle – Tap and drag to create a circle or ellipse, two overlapping circles could be drawn to create a Venn diagram.

Square – Tap and drag to create a square or rectangle, a simple tool that could be used to create a table or simply outline text labels you’ve added.

Triangle – Tap and drag to create a triangle, adding horizontal lines with the straight line tool could allow you to create a hierarchy pyramid.

Text label – Tap anywhere on the screen to add a text label. Use in conjunction with the arrow tool to label an image.

Magic wand – Select any drawn element such as a line, triangle or arrow to move, resize, rotate or remove. If you select a text label you’ll also be able to edit the text.

Eraser – Set the eraser setting from the top menu bar. Choose from regular or transparent. The eraser works with all the tool and is a great way of creating stickers that can be shared with ClassCloud.

To add an image or change the background, tap and hold within the drawing area. When the option box appears, tap the option you want to use.


If you choose the option to change the background you’ll see 5 options:

Gallery: Choose an image from the gallery and set it as the background.
Photo: Capture a photo using the LearnPad camera and set it as the background.
Website: Take a screenshot from a web page of your choice. Note: You’ll only be able to view web pages that exist in your organisation’s whitelist.
Template: Choose from over 30 ready-made templates including Venn diagrams, number grids and graphs.
Colour: Select the colour line you wish to use.


If you choose to add a picture you’ll see 2 options:

Gallery: Choose an image from the gallery and set it as the background.
Photo: Capture a photo using the LearnPad camera and set it as the background.


Share your drawing using ClassCloud – See separate section below.

Undo action – Undo up to your last 5 actions if you’ve made a mistake.

Extended menu – From the extended menu you can choose to clear your drawing, save your drawing and also select whether images should be received from other devices. If you want to receive images from other devices you can also choose to include the name of the device they have been sent from when the image arrives.



Annotate enables collaborative learning by allowing students to send their drawings from one device to another using ClassCloud.

In order to allow sharing between devices you firstly need to enable the option within your organisational settings. (Note: This must be completed by a user with Admin or Owner privileges.)

Log in and click the organisation name at the top right of the screen:

Locate the “Device Settings” section and set the “Allow Neighbour Sharing” option to “Yes”

You also need to ensure that the “Allow receiving images” option is ticked within the Annotate app for any LearnPad that you want to be able to receive images.

Finally, devices will only be able to share with other devices in the same Place.

Now when you tap the share button, you’ll be able to change the “To” field and select from a list of available devices:

After selecting the device, click send.

If the receiving student has Annotate open on their LearnPad, the image will automatically appear within Annotate.
If Annotate is not open the image will be delivered into the ClassCloud folder which can be found in the default tools menu.

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