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February 19, 2015

LearnPad Capture is designed specifically for use with the LearnPad Decimo. Use on other LearnPad devices is not currently supported and may not function correctly.

Once loaded tap the Capture Student Evidence category and then open the LearnPad Capture app.

You’ll be prompted to choose to capture new evidence or use existing evidence:


If you choose to capture new evidence this will start the built in camera, you can control the camera using the on-screen buttons:

Settings, tap to change camera settings such as exposure, colour effects and picture size. Tap again to return to camera.

Flash, tap to cycle through flash options ( On, Off and Automatic)

Flip camera, tap to switch between using the front and rear facing cameras

Shutter Button, tap to take a photo (You can also use the physical camera
button below the power button on your Decimo)


Once you’ve taken a photo tap the tick if you are happy with your picture, tap the recycle button in the centre of the screen if you are unhappy and want to take another, tap the cross if you want to exit back to the Capture app’s home screen.

If you choose to use existing evidence the gallery will open and you simply need choose the picture you want to use by tapping it.

Once you’ve taken a photograph or selected a picture from the gallery you can add text or voice notes.


Tap  to add text notes with the on-screen keyboard, when you’re done tap  Note: tapping here will return you to the Capture app’s home screen.

Tap  then tap to add a voice note, the REC symbol will blink red whilst you are recording. Once you’ve finished speaking, tap to end the recording.

You can edit your text notes and recordings by tapping the icons on the screen. See the table below for information about what each of the icons does.

Once you have added text and voice notes to your image you’re ready to save it. LearnPad Capture is set up to use your LearnPad ClassCloud storage straightout of the box.

Tap the cloud, choose a new name and tap the send button tosave your work straight to your ClassCloud storage area.

Add or amend a text note
Listen back to your recording
Stop playing back recording
Erase and re-record
Discard your recording or text note
Keep your recording or text note
Discard all changes and return to the home screen
Save evidence using LearnPad ClassCloud

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