LearnPad Presenter

LearnPad Presenter

February 20, 2015

LearnPad Presenter is a powerful yet easy to use classroom tool that allows pupils to bring their projects to life by scripting, presenting and recording their work. Used in partnership with separate video editing software, pupils can create imaginative and impactful final pieces featuring on-screen annotation and green-screen effects. Not only is Presenter a fantastic all-round tool,
it is the perfect way of engaging reluctant writers, whilst allowing teachers to capture vital evidence for the assessment of soft-skills.                                                                                              

  • Tap an existing presentation to begin editing it.
  • Tap the Add button in the top-right of the screen
    to begin a new presentation.
  • Long press on an existing presentation to delete it.


Double-tap the text area in order to enter your script (autocue text) using either your Bluetooth or on-screen keyboard. Whilst editing your text:

  • Long-press on the screen to select the text that you have
  • Double-tap to paste text that you have already copied.

Tap the right-hand menu options to:
Change the colour of the script text and
background to support learners with Special Educational Needs
(SEN) such as Dyslexia.
Change the font used to display the script or
to use Bold or Italics.
Text Flip
Flip the text horizontally (if you wish to use
the higher resolution rear-facing camera whilst reading the
script from a mirror), vertically (useful for making
imaginative videos where you will be pretending that you are
floating upside down in space!) or both.

Tap and hold to drag the sliders at the bottom of the screen to:

Script Speed
Adjust the speed at which the script moves on the
Text Size
Adjust the size of the text.


Once you have scripted your presentation and are ready to record your video, it is important to consider how best to produce a steady recording.

  • Pupils working individually on more simply projects may choose to
    use their LearnPad Folding Cover stand to steady the camera.
  • Pupils working on more complex projects may choose to have a
    classmate hold their device steady for them whilst they read the script
    from a mirror, using the text flip function.

To switch between the front-facing camera and rear-facing camera, touch the video camera preview in the bottom-left of the screen and then touch the Change Camera option.

Touch the record button to begin recording your video.
After a countdown of 3 seconds (to allow the presenter time to
prepare), Presenter will begin to record.

Touch the stop button to finish recording.


Finished recordings are stored in the Movies folder on your LearnPad tablet. These can be played or edited on the tablet using separate software, as well as sent from the tablet using ClassCloud or copied using your supplied USB cable.

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