LearnPad Tablets for Schools: ClassConnect Portal Managing Places

Managing Places

April 14, 2014

Places can help you manage locations for LearnPads within your school. Using Places allows a teacher to set a pre-defined lesson and focuses the LearnPad Dashboard view onto the devices the teacher wants to manage.

Creating Places:
Places can only be created by users with Admin privileges or higher.

1)   From the “Manage” tab, under “ADMIN” click “Places”.
2)   From the Actions menu click “Add New Place” then choose a name e.g. Class 1 or Mr Hankins’ Class:
3)   Click “Add Place”

Joining a Place:
A student can join a Place by scanning a QrKey or by selecting the place from the extended menu on their LearnPad.

From the LearnPad tap the extended menu and then “Places”
Now choose the Place from the menu.

QrKey for joining Places can be printed from the QrKeys management page.

Using the LearnPad Dashboard with Places:
Places allow you to refine the view within the LearnPad Dashboard to see only the devices being used in your classroom.

By default, the LearnPad Dashboard displays all devices enrolled in the main organisation:

A teacher can change the Dashboard view to show only the LearnPads in their Place.

1)   Click the pencil icon next to the organisation name on the Dashboard.
2)   Select the relevant place from the drop down menu, choose the “Set as Default” option if you want to see devices that have joined that place every time you use the Dashboard.

3)   Your view will now be refined to the selected Place.

Setting Default Lessons:
Users with Editor privileges and above can view a list of Places that have been set up for an organisation and assign a default Lesson.
When a LearnPad joins a Place the default Lesson for that Place is automatically loaded.

1)   From the “Manage” tab, under “ADMIN” select “Places”.

2)   Click on the place within the list.
3)   Assign the default Lesson from the drop down menu.

Locking Places:
Locking Places is an organisational level action. The extended menu will no longer allow students to change between places using the place picker. Students will only be able to join a new place by scanning the QrKey for that place.

1)   At the top right hand side of the page click on the organisation name

2)   From the “Device Settings” section change the “Allow Place Picker” setting to “No”

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