LearnPad Tablets for Schools: Documentation Release Notes

Release Notes

March 17, 2015


  • ClassCloud Sharing
    ClassCloud sharing now replaces the “Hand In” feature. As well as being able to submit work to the shared ClassCloud storage area for the school, users can now share work with other LearnPad devices making for a truly collaborative learning experience. 
  • On-Demand Downloads
    To help improve the network performance within school, now, when a teacher sends a Lesson to a group of LearnPads, large files such as apps won’t be immediately downloaded. Instead, they will be downloaded the first time a student tries to access them.
  • Neighbour Downloads
    When multiple devices all need to download the same apps or files, LearnPad will now use an intelligent sharing system. Once one device has finished downloading the file it will start to share it with other devices that haven’t yet completed their download. This saves unnecessary downloading through the school’s internet connection making for better internet speeds and performance across the school. 
  • Student Instructions
    Add student instructions when creating Lessons. These appear on a sidebar within the Lesson and allow teachers to present more information to students, perhaps specific questions, goals or objectives. 
  • File Management
    We’ve added a number of enhancements to the way users can interact with files through LearnPad. You can now copy and paste, rename, delete and send files using ClassCloud, our innovative solution for storing and managing classwork created by students. It’s also possible to create new documents, spreadsheets and slideshow presentations directly onto the school network folders, meaning they can be re-opened at a later date from another LearnPad or PC. 
  • Support for Schools Using DFS File Systems
    Historically, LearnPad only supported accessing standard Windows file shares and student home folders. We’ve improved this functionality now to include those schools with larger or more advanced setups who employ DFS. This means that the vast majority of schools will be able to integrate LearnPads with their systems with minimal effort to set up. 
  • UI Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

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