LearnPad Tablets for Schools: Switching Lessons

Switching Lessons

The Resources on LearnPad are grouped into Lessons, which can be swapped per-device to suit the lesson plan. The current Lesson can be changed from LearnPad itself using a QrKey or via the ClassConnect portal.

Changing Lessons from LearnPad

1. Find the Lesson you want to use from your own Lessons or from the list of featured Lessons. An example Lesson page is shown below:

2. Activate the QrKey scanner on your LearnPad and point it at the Lesson QrKey.

The Lesson Profile home screen will change.

Changing Lessons from the Website

This is the best way to change the Lesson Profile on multiple LearnPads simultaneously.
1. Find the device or devices you want to modify. If you can’t see your device on the dashboard, try enrolling it and checking again.

2. Click on each tablet so that you have highlighted all of those that you wish to update – See the Dashboard View support article for more information.
3. Select the Lesson you wish to load from the drop down at the bottom right hand side of the screen.
4. Click the arrow next to the box to send the Lesson – the Lesson update will start as soon as the LearnPads next check in with the server.

IMPORTANT: When you send a new Lesson to LearnPad this needs to be downloaded onto each device. Therefore sending a 10MB lesson to 30 LearnPads will mean a total of 300MB of data needs to be downloaded. Depending on the speed of your network this may take some time. Once a Lesson has been loaded onto a LearnPad once, it is cached for future use. This means switching to the Lesson at a later date will happen immediately. Preparing and loading your Lessons onto your LearnPads in advance will ensure your students can start using them as soon as they switch them on.

Foreign Lesson Policy
The foreign Lesson policy settings are applied at the organisation level. There are 3 options:
Allow All Lessons: Any Lesson can be loaded onto LearnPads enrolled in the organisation by scanning a QrKey.
Organisation Lessons Only: Only Lessons that have been added by or selected by the organisation can be loaded onto the LearnPad.
Inherit: The organisation will use the same foreign Lesson policy as it’s parent.

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