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Unlocking LearnPad

April 22, 2014

LearnPad can be in one of three lock modes:
  • Locked (Student Mode): Where only the LearnPad interface is visible and only approved resources are available.
  • Unlocked (Teacher Mode): Where a dedicated Teacher category is available and no application or website blocking is applied.
  • Unlocked (Admin Mode): Where LearnPad can be used as a fully-functional Android tablet. The secure LearnPad interface can be relaunched at any time and quickly locked.
The lock status of LearnPad is indicated by the padlock icon at the top of the screen.

Locked (Closed Padlock):

Unlocked (Open Padlock):

When unlocked in Admin Mode tapping the home button  will allow you to choose to access LearnPad or the standard Android launcher:

Please note: If you select to “Always” use LearnPad, you will only be able to access the standard Android Launcher if you subsequently clear the defaults that have been set in Android settings menu.

Unlocking with a QrKey
You can use the “Login” QrKeys found on the QrKey management page to unlock LearnPad into Teacher or Admin mode simply by scanning the QrKey. A QrKey will be available for each password you have created.

Unlocking with a Password
Tap the closed padlock at the top of the screen and when prompted enter the password for the type of unlock you require:

The default password to unlock LearnPad in Teacher Mode is 101Teacher, the default password to unlock in Admin mode is 101SuperAdmin.

LearnPad will indicate the new lock status with a message such as “Welcome Teacher”

To lock LearnPad again for students follow the Locking LearnPad guide.

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