LearnPad Tablets for Schools: ClassConnect Portal User Management

User Management

April 16, 2014

Inviting Users to an Organisation

Administrators, teachers, and teaching assistants can all be added to your Organisation with different roles depending on their responsibilities.

1. Log in to your organisation.
2. Click the “Manage” tab and then click on “Users” under “ADMIN” on the left hand menu.
3. From the actions menu click on “Invite User”

4. Enter the email address of the user to invite.
5. Select the role you want this user to have within the organisation.
6. Press the “Send Invite” button.

The invited user will be immediately emailed instructions on how to proceed. Please make sure the user is aware that the email has been sent and to check that it has not been blocked by spam filters.

Changing User Roles and Deleting Users
To change a user role or to delete a user log in to your organisation then click the organisation name at the top right:

At the bottom of the page expand the “Users” drop-down:

Click on to change the user role or click on to delete the user.

Changing your Display Name and Password

By default a user’s display name is set to the first part of their email address (before the @ symbol) – Depending on the email address used to register this may include the user’s first name, their nickname or even numbers and symbols. The display name is seen by students when a teacher hands out a document or when they turn on video mode in ClassView. For this reason we recommend changing the display name, typically schools use Title and Surname as the display name.

To change the display name:

Log in to your organisation.
Click the “Manage” tab and then click on “Users” under “ADMIN” on the left hand menu.
Click on your name in the list of users.

Click the pencil icon next to your name and enter your new display name.

From this page it is also possible to update your contact information and change your password from the actions menu on the right hand side of the page.

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