LearnPad Tablets for Schools: ClassConnect Portal User Roles Explained

User Roles Explained

April 23, 2014

LearnPad allows you to assign or invite users to your organisation.
You are able to assign different user roles depending upon the level of access each user requires.
When you first register a LearnPad account you have the option to join an existing organisation or create a new organisation.

If you choose to create a new organisation, you will become the first user associated with that organisation and will be assigned OWNER rights. You are then able to invite other registered users to join your organisation.

Please Note: If you are not sure if your school has already set up an organisation, please contact your ICT Co-Ordinator or Network Manager. Duplicated accounts will not contain the correct licenses and will not allow you to use dashboard features.

Changing an Assigned Role
Users with a role of OWNER or ADMIN can change another user’s role from within the management portal at any time.
1) Log in to your organisation.
2) Click on the organisation name at the top right hand side of the screen.

3) Expand the users menu and select from the user types available.

Definitions of User Roles
VIEWER – Can view the basic information within the portal.

VIEW: Devices, Content, Cloud Content, Users, Organisations, Transactions, Certificates, Network Shares.

EDITOR – Can do everything a VIEWER can but also has the ability to manage lesson content, manage devices from the dashboard and assign default lessons to places.

VIEW: File Handlers, Places

CREATE: Content, Cloud Content

DELETE: Content, Cloud Content

EDIT: Content, Devices, Places

ADMIN – Can do everything a VIEWER and an EDITOR can but also has access to advanced management features such as managing passwords, users, accounts and places.

VIEW: Accounts, Device Logs, Device passwords, Network share passwords, Permissions, Roles

EDIT: Certificates, Device passwords, File Handlers, Network Shares, Organisations, Users

CREATE: Accounts, Certificates, Device Passwords, File Handlers, Network Shares,  Places

DELETE: Accounts Device Passwords, Network Shares

Also: Publish Content, Purchase Content, Unenroll Devices

OWNER – Has the full level of access including administering Organisations.


User Role Comparison Chart

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