LearnPad Tablets for Schools: Using applications from the Google Play store

Using applications from the Google Play store

April 14, 2014

From the management portal you can create a shortcut to the app.

1. Log on to your tablet and download the apps you require from Google Play, you can run Google Play on your tablet by adding the Google Play Store Resource from our Content area.
IMPORTANT: It is recommended this resource is placed into the teacher menu to prevent access to the Google Play Store when the tablet is locked. If you have multiple tablets linked to your Google account you can push apps to all your tablets.

2. When you have installed the app onto all the required LearnPads you need to create a shortcut to the app which you can place into a category as you would with any other activity. First you need to identify the package name. On one of the LearnPads where you have installed the app, click the menu, then the information button. On the information page, scroll the left hand column up until you reach the “Installed Applications” section. Find the app(s) you have installed and note the package
name within the parenthesis (See below)

3. Next log in to your organisation and add a new resource, specifying the Type as application:

4. Now specify the package name which you previously identified in step 2

You can now add this resource to a category in the usual way.

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