LearnPad Tablets for Schools: ClassConnect Portal Voucher Codes and Licenses

Voucher Codes and Licenses

July 10, 2014
For each device enrolled within your organisation you are required to assign a license.

When you receive your LearnPads you will also receive a teacher pack which will contain the LearnPad license agreement and your license codes for your devices. You will also receive a code for ClassView and ClassCloud if you have purchased these.

After registering your account and enrolling your devices you can redeem your licenses by clicking the manage tab, then entering your voucher code(s) into the box and clicking on “Redeem Voucher”

If you entered a ClassView licence code this will be applied to your organisation immediately.
If you entered a device license code the licenses will be assigned to your organisation but not to your individual devices.

To assign licenses to individual devices:
1) Click the “Licenses” link under “Admin” on the left hand menu.
2) You are now at the license management page. The first table indicates how many licenses of each type you have available.
The two types of license are “1 Year” and “Perpetual”.
A 1 year license must be renewed after the license period expired.
A perpetual license is valid for the life of the device.
Licenses provided when you purchase LearnPads directly are perpetual licenses.
3) Click the 1 Year or Perpetual link in the “Assign License” column of the table.

Note: It is not possible to transfer a license to another device once it has been assigned.

If you are using the LearnPad app on your own android tablet or if you are using the LearnPad for iPad app you can choose to purchase a 1 year or perpetual license. This can be done by contacting the LearnPad sales team or by clicking the “Buy More” link on the Licenses management page.

After clicking the “Buy It” button, you can choose how many licenses you wish to purchase and will be required to enter an official purchase order number.

The number of licenses available will update and you can assign these licenses to your devices in exactly the same way.

If you haven’t licensed your devices a notification banner will appear within the portal.

Clicking on this banner will take you to the licenses management page.

If you have purchased LearnPads but haven’t received a voucher code for licenses, please contact technical support.

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