Cloud Storage: Dropbox & Google Drive

            April 16, 2014

            Cloud Storage Applications

            Cloud storage is where your students files are stored on an off-site server. The storage company usually takes care of backing up your data and makes it available to you via a web browser or dedicated application. Popular services include Dropbox and Google Drive. LearnPad ClassCloud is also a cloud storage solution and is used in conjunction with the Hand In and Hand Out features.

            Cloud storage in education typically relies on each student having an individual account with the service, so care should be taken when sharing LearnPad devices between multiple students.

            The simplest way to access these services is via the LearnPad browser, which supports file uploads and downloads. However, the best experience is usually through the dedicated apps, which can be found in the LearnPad store for Dropbox and Google Drive.

            LearnPad now offers its own cloud storage solution called ClassCloud. ClassCloud allows students to submit or “Hand In” work directly from within the apps they are using or from the LearnPad file browser. See the related article for more details.

            Updated: 08 Apr 2018 05:50 PM
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