Installing 3rd Party Apps onto your Learnpads

            IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to seek permission from the publisher of any app before following this process.

            Open chrome and navigate to the website APKpure 
            Search for the application you would like to install for example blockly

            Click on the application name

            Note down the package name exactly as it is shown as below – it will start with com.

            Download the app

            Click arrow click show in folder or simply navigate to downloads folder

            Navigate to the ClassConnect portal
            Click Resources then Add a new Resource

            Fill out the Package name with the name you noted down previously. Click upload new binary.

            Navigate to your downloads folder

            Upload the file

            Wait for file to upload

            Click the down arrows to see your file

            Click add new package

            Click arrows again

            Click unset

            Click drop down arrow and select APK file

            Now just click in empty space

            You can change the icon if you wish.

            Now add the application to a category and the category to a lesson

            Send the lesson your Learnpads by scanning in its QR code or using the Dashboard.

            Updated: 05 Oct 2018 01:25 AM
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