LearnPad Animator

            February 20, 2015

            LearnPad Animator is a simple-to-use animation app that gives students the
            opportunity to create fantastic stop-frame animated films quickly and easily.


            Swipe left or right to scroll through your Animator projects. Underneath each project you’ll see the project name, number of frames and the duration in minutes and seconds. Tap the Animator project to access the editor of tap one of the 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen.

            Create a new Animator project

            Delete the current project

            Edit the current project


            To access project settings touch the extended menu symbol   and then tap “Project Settings”. In this menu you can modify the project name, the aspect ratio (does not affect quality of images but cropping may be used) and the base frame rate.


            You can modify the playback speed of the movie inside project settings. The option to lock the working in values to achieve smoother playback can also be set. Locking the working in values switch will sync the animation to the base frame rate.

            COPYING FRAMES:

            Tap the frame you wish to copy and tap   the frame will be copied directly to the right of the selected frame.


            Touch and hold a frame to move it to a different position or move it out of the timeline to remove it from the movie. If you make a mistake tap to undo your change.

            REVIEWING A MOVIE:

            To review you movie (preview the last 5 frames of animation) tap 

            EXPORTING A MOVIE:

            To export a movie tap the extended menu button  and select “Export”. Select the quality required. The exported animation will be saved to the Movies folder on your LearnPad. You’ll find this by going to your Toolbox and tapping on the documents folder.

            CAMERA SETTINGS:

            Tap the preview area to adjust the camera’s focus and to flip the camera. These settings are then locked to avoid light flicker in your movie. Flipping the camera may also change the working aspect ratio if you have not yet captured any frames.

            Updated: 08 Apr 2018 11:04 PM
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