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            February 19, 2015

            LearnPad’s ClassConnect app is a powerful tool that allows teachers to monitor and control LearnPads within the classroom as well as capture evidence of student work in real-time.

            ClassConnect is intuitive and easy to use and uses the same login information that you already use to access the LearnPad Connect Portal online.


            After opening the app enter your portal login details and tap the sign in button.
            The icons along the top bar allow you to perform the following actions:


            Update the Lesson Profile for selected devices

            Show thumbnail (small preview) video from the screens of the selected devices

            Suspend the selected devices and switch off their screens

            Resume the selected devices and switch their screens back on

            Lock the selected devices into student mode

            Unlock the selected devices to teacher or admin mode (You’ll need to enter the relevant password after tapping the icon)

            Request a loud audio alert be played by the selected devices

            Request the selected devices contact the server to check for any available updates

            Mute selected devices

            Un-mute selected devices


            You can select a single device or a selection of devices by tapping the thumbnails on the screen, selected devices will appear with a blue outline (below left). Tap  to cancel a selection and unselect all devices.


            You can scroll between groups by swiping from left to right (above right) and vice versa. Note: Whilst groups can be viewed through the ClassConnect App they cannot be added, removed or amended. If you need to alter groups, this needs to be done via the ClassConnect Portal.

            Tap “Filter LearnPads by place” to choose which place you want to view.
            Note: As with groups, places cannot be amended from within the ClassConnect app.


            Pressing and holding on a device thumbnail will start presentation mode for that device.

            Whilst in presentation mode you can perform the following actions:

            Pause the device

            Resume the device

            Capture a screenshot*

            Send the last screenshot taken to ClassCloud


            *Screenshots are saved locally on your LearnPad to: Documents > LearnPad > ClassConnect > Screenshots > Device Name


            Updated: 09 Apr 2018 12:34 AM
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