Managing Files with the LearnPad File Browser

            February 18, 2015

            Managing files on your LearnPad devices is easy with LearnPad’s File Browser. Files are stored in the following locations on LearnPad, which can be accessed via the Toolbox :

            Home – The user’s home folder on the network (Allows a student to access their home folder on the school network if they are logged in – You may need to speak to your network administrator to set this up).
            Handouts – Files that have been handed out using ClassView.
            Screenshots – Screenshots taken using the screenshot tool.
            Photos – Photographs taken using the camera.
            Videos – Videos taken using the camera.
            Documents – Documents created using apps such as WPS Office (Kingsoft).

            The LearnPad File Browser toolbar buttons provide the following functionality:

            Create a new Word (Document), Excel (Spreadsheet), PowerPoint (Slideshow) or Text file.
            Pastes the file currently on the clipboard (if no file is currently on the clipboard, this option will be unavailable).

            Touch on files to open them in their associated app (e.g. Word documents in WPS Office). Touch and hold on files to reveal further ways of interacting with them. The following buttons will appear on the LearnPad File Browser toolbar.


            Send the file to ClassCloud or another LearnPad device within your organisation.

            Copy the file to the clipboard so that it can be pasted into another location.

            Rename the file.

            Delete the file.

            Share the file with an installed app (it is important to note that when devices are locked for pupil use, this will only work for apps that are present in either the current lesson or Toolbox)

            Updated: 05 Apr 2018 09:43 PM
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