Managing lessons

            April 14, 2014

            Lessons are collections of up to six Categories. You can copy existing Lessons or create new ones from scratch. Lessons can be customised with different names and background wallpapers to suit your classroom.

            From the Lesson management page you can see the Lessons in your organisation.

            Click on a Lesson to edit it or add a new Lesson using the Add New Lesson link on the Action bar.

            Editing Lessons

            The Lesson editing page shows roughly how the Lesson will look on the LearnPad.

            You can edit the name of a Lesson by clicking on the title at the top and you can edit the wallpaper using the Edit menu. Beneath the resource list, you can add instructions for your students that will appear down the left-hand side of the screen on your LearnPads.

            Moving Categories

            You can remove Categories from the Lesson by dragging them to the drawer icon. You can reorder Categories by dragging them around on the “tablet”.

            Adding Categories

            Below the tablet is a list of Categories that have been added to your organisation. To add any of these to your Lesson, drag them onto the “tablet” or double-click them.

            Updated: 28 Jun 2018 07:37 PM
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