Release Notes

            May 20, 2013


            • Added on-the-fly authentication to Remote Storage for authenticated network share browsing
            • Remote commands combined to single polling interface for fast Dashboard synchronization
            • Easy setting of system proxy through LearnPad QrKey
            • Logon dialog for authenticated HTTP web pages
            • Cookie delete option for LearnPad Browser
            • Nabi 2 XD now uses screencap binary by default for ClassView support
            • LP2 (AllWinner) touch event support
            • ScreenServer fix for LP2 (AllWinner)
            • Using alternative timeserver address to try and minimize firewall issues
            • Fixed Airplane mode monitor for rooted Android 4.2 devices
            • Config app checks for updates immediately if client not installed (3rd party installation improvement)
            • Added W-iFi settings shortcut to default client page for better out-of-box experience
            • Device ID change for new devices (full MAC address to minimize ID collisions)
            • Support for Samsung Note screen casting on rooted devices
            • Added native folder paths for Samsung devices

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