Sending Work from LearnPad to ClassCloud

            LearnPad’s ClassCloud feature makes it easy for pupils to submit their documents, photographs and other created work to their teacher. Files can be sent (handed in) by locating them using the LearnPad file browser, or by using the share function in compatible apps.

            Handing in a screenshot to ClassCloud for quick evidence capture

            Often, taking a quick screenshot can be a great way to capture and share evidence (particularly if students are using a website or app that doesn't permit file saving). Follow the steps below:

            Handing in files you've already saved

            Locate the document that you wish to upload to ClassCloud. Usually, these can be found in the Documents folder inside your Toolbox.

            Touch and hold on the document name until the file management toolbar appears. Choose ClassCloud.

            Amend the file name if required and touch the Send button.

            To send work using the share Extended Menu function in compatible apps:

            From the list of options, select ClassCloud (you may need to tap See More for the icon to appear).

            Amend the file name if required and touch the Send button.

            Updated: 17 Jul 2018 11:26 PM
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