TroubleShooting Dashboard ClassView

            If your Learnpads are not connecting in ClassView and your organisation uses a proxy server, you may need to tick a box in your management computers Internet options.

            On your Windows PC navigate to Control Panel

            Change the view to small icons and open Internet options


            Click connections tab, LAN settings button.


            Tick the box bypass proxy server for local addresses. Now your PC will be able to manage the learnpads in ClassView.

            As a further measure you can also add a specific range into exceptions.

            Click the advanced button

            In the exceptions field add an exception for your schools IP address range.

            Entries in the field are separated by semi-colons and wildcards are accepted using an asterisk.

            The following article has more information on Dashboard and device communication 

            Updated: 30 Jun 2018 05:32 AM
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