Using Flash Content

            February 5, 2016

            LearnPad tablets support web-based content that requires Adobe Flash Player.

            i. Configuring a Website Resource to use Flash

            Website Resources that require Adobe Flash Player should be tagged as Flash in order for the content to load correctly. To tag a Website Resource as Flash:

            1. Begin editing your Website Resource.
            2. From the Actions box on the right of the page, next to Tags, click [edit].

            1. Beneath the Information heading, click Flash. The Flash tag will highlight and the change will be saved automatically.

            To verify that the configuration has correctly has applied correctly, on a LearnPad tablet:

            1. Tap the Home button.
            2. Tap the Extended Menu (3-dot) button.
            3. Tap Check for Updates.
            4. Launch the Website Resource that you have configured to use Flash. The Flash elements should display correctly.
            ii. Additional Information

            For a complete guide to creating Website Resources, please see the article Creating and Managing Website Resources.

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