Connecting to Wi-Fi

            April 14, 2014

            LearnPad has built-in Wi-Fi for connecting to a local wireless access point.

            Connect Using QrKeys

            The easiest way to connect is by using a QrKey. You can create the QrKey you need on the QrKey management page. Select the type of WiFi network, enter the required parameters, and then scan the QrKey to configure your LearnPad.

            Connect Using Android Settings

            Your LearnPad will need to be unlocked to change Wi-Fi settings.
            Depending on the Android version on your LearnPad you will only need to carry out either step 1a or step 1b. The easiest way to determine this is by the positioning of the clock on the display. If the clock is in the bottom right hand corner then you need to follow step 1a, if the clock is in the top right hand corner, it’s step 1b.

            1. a)  Tablets running Android 4.1.1 and below.
            Open the status bar menu by tapping the clock in the bottom right of the screen then tap the top menu panel (the one with the large time display).

            Now select Wi-Fi from the options in the menu.

            b) Tablets running versions above 4.1.1
            Swipe the screen in a downwards motion from then clock in the top right hand corner to open up the status bar menu, then tap settings.

            2. Make sure Wi-Fi is set to On. When Wi-Fi is active, a list of nearby access points will appear in order of signal strength.

            3.Tap the access point you want to connect to, enter the required password, then tap connect. Once the access point is connected, a Wi-Fi signal indicator will appear in the status bar in the top or bottom right corner (depending on your Android version).

            If you experience any problems connecting to Wi-Fi, check the Wi-Fi settings screen for relevant messages. For instance, it may say Authentication problem if you have entered the wrong password.

            If you still cannot connect, please follow the Troubleshooting Wi-Fi guide.

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